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Living Histories – Professional Historians

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We have extensive experience in researching and writing commissioned histories.  Our clients have included government departments, educational institutions, religious and welfare groups, the health sector, unions, financial institutions, local authorities and more.  We have completed a variety of publications to suit the needs of a diverse range of projects, from comprehensive histories, large coffee-table style books with many illustrations to smaller books, reference material and web content .


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Living Histories has a depth and breadth of experience in the heritage field.  Our experience embraces heritage studies, thematic environmental histories, significance assessments and individual site histories. We are fully conversant with the Burra Charter,  Victoria’s Framework of Historic Themes and the Australian Historic Themes Framework, which constitute the guiding principles for  heritage work in Australia.


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Oral history is an important aspect of many commissioned histories, but Living Histories has also conducted a diverse range of interviews for many stand-alone oral history projects.  Interviews range from ‘whole of life’ to shorter, targeted recordings for occupational groups, cultural groups, geographic regions or family histories.  We comply with best practice standards in oral history and have competence in both audio and video recording.


Other work

Living Histories partners’ work includes heritage trails, interpretation and signage, exhibitions, biography and family history, museums and archives and history education.

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