Other work

Living Histories work includes:

Site History

  • Melbourne Park (2018) Jill Barnard and Sonia Jennings

Site of the Australian Open tennis tournament and major entertainment venue for 30 years – a thematic history and a short narrative history of the site was completed for Melbourne & Olympic Parks.



  • Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll (2015, 2016, 2017) Jill Barnard and Sonia Jennings

Each year, the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll formally acknowledges and celebrates the wide-ranging achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians. Fifteen inductees were added in 2015, ten in 2016 and nine in 2017.  Short biographies of the inductees are included in a booklet and on a website.


Heritage trails

  • MaribyrnongMaribyrnong River Heritage Trail (2008) Jill Barnard

The Maribyrnong River Heritage Trail tells the story of post-contact early land-use and development along the river. A brochure and booklet highlight sites along the western side the Maribyrnong River.  The story begins at the Stony Creek Backwash taking in sites such as the Yarraville Wharf Industrial precinct. The trail follows a walking/cycling track for the majority of the route which begins at Billy Button Creek located near the corner of Lyons and Maribyrnong Streets.

  • Hepburhepburnn Federation Trail: Building Communities, Creating a Nation (2001) Jill Barnard & Mary Sheehan (with Maggie Baron)

The Building Communities, Creating a Nation trail explores the connection between the natural features of the Hepburn Shire and its settlement since the Dja deja Wrung people first made the area their home. Commencing at Daylesford, the route tells the story of 140 years of settlement through the former Aboriginal Protectorate at Franklinford; the site of Swiss-Italian settlement at Yandoit; the gold-rich heritage of Clunes and Creswick; before heading back to the mineral-rich springs of the Hepburn area.

Interpretation and signage

  • Priexhibi1nces Pier Port Melbourne (2012) Jill Barnard  (with Lovell Chen)

Interpretation panels for the re-opened Princes Pier project in Port Melbourne tell the story of the pier’s history and close association with migrant arrivals and military departures, and they explain the significance of the various historic features that can be seen on the pier.  more information

  • kewcourthouse The Story of Kew Court House (2011) Jill Barnard

Research and preparation of interpretive booklet on the history of Kew Court House on the occasion of its re-opening as an Arts and Cultural Centre more information

  • Perc White Reserve, City of Port Phillip (2011) Jill Barnard
  • St Kilda Pier Kiosk (2006) Jill Barnard


  • cataloguePeople and Parliament: Landmark Decisions 1855-2006 (2006) Jill Barnard and Sonia Jennings

To celebrate 150 years of responsible government in Victoria the Public Record Office Victoria staged an exhibition, using land as the central theme.  The complementary catalogue explores some of the extraordinary stories of the men, women and events, that have shaped our modern State and society, from the era of massive growth following the 1850s gold rush to the present day.


 Journal articles

  • Mary Sheehan, ‘A Grassroots View of Spanish Influenza in Melbourne’, Victorian Historical Journal, December 2022, Vol 93, no. 2, 349-372.
  • Twigg, Karen. “An Unruly Neighbour: Wimmera Ryegrass.” In: “Visions of Australia: Environments in History,” edited by Christof Mauch, Ruth Morgan, and Emily O’Gorman. RCC Perspectives: Transformations in Environment and Society 2017, no. 2, 27–35. doi.org/10.5282/rcc/7906. read article
  • Jill Barnard and Sonia Jennings, ‘It Started from Scratch: the first 50 years of the Australasian College of Dermatologists’, Australasian Journal of Dermatology (2017) 58, 252–255. read article
  • Mary Sheehan, “Sui generis? The Australian air pilots union”, Circa: the Journal of Professional Historians, 5:2016
  • Jill Barnard & Karen Twigg, “’Mother to Mother’: Mary Paton’s Leadership in the Nursing Mothers’ Association of Australia, 1964–1975”, Rosemary Francis, Patricia Grimshaw & Ann Standish (eds) , Seizing the Initiative: Women Leaders in Politics, Workplaces and Communities, eScholarship Research Centre, The University of Melbourne, 2012 more information
  • Kimberley Meagher & Jill Barnard, “Exhibiting PROV at the Old Treasury Building”, Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, 10:2011 more information
  • Sonia Jennings, “Landing A Vote: The past importance of land ownership as an electoral qualification in Victoria”, Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, 6:2007 more information
  • Jill Barnard, “‘A Secure Safeguard of the Children’s Morals’: Catholic Child Welfare in Nineteenth-Century Victoria”, Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, 4:2005 more information
  • Mary Sheehan, ‘The State of Public History in Victoria’, Australian Historical Association Bulletin, 85:1997
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