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Here’s what our clients have said about us:

Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll [2015] Please accept my heartfelt thanks to both of you for doing such an outstanding job under difficult time constraints and challenging logistics. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you.  Toly Sawenko, Aboriginal Affairs Victoria

In a Class of Their Own: Melbourne Business School 1955-2015 [MUP 2015] is an outstanding work and an outstanding book. John Dahlsen, LLB, MBA
Melbourne Business School was started by business people to train future business people. It was set up as a business and runs as a business to this day. MBS is a very special place for generations of faculty, staff and students whose lives have been touched by the School. In this book you’ll learn what makes people so passionate about MBS.
Emeritus Professor Ian Harper, University of Melbourne

Nursing Mums: A history of the Australian Breastfeeding Association 1964-2014
You will be amazed at how the historians have covered the 50 years from copious interviews and oral history tapes, by delving into various state library archives and searching through papers from branches, not to mention the proverbial boxes stored under members’ beds!
Nursing Mums is a book to treasure, to read from cover to cover or to dip into again and again, a book to have on the bookshelf as an ongoing reference. I strongly recommend it to you all. Mary Paton, Founder & Honorary Adviser

A Federation of Pilots: The Story of an Australian Air Pilots’ Union [MUP 2010] offers readers a fascinating, insightful and very personal account of an important union. It makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of difficulties faced by many unions and their important role, and highlights what we owe to the dogged determination and fortitude of a few. Dr Leslee Spiess, University of Newcastle

A Federation of Pilots is a scholarly work – in content, prose and style – drawn from rich archival material and many interviews. A story of the industry’s industrial relations and the turbulence affecting them from time to time, it is beautifully written – clearly and simply – words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters flow one into the other smoothly, and the images and vignettes, give account of the personalities and incidents, adding life to the work. Emeritus Professor Joe Isaac, University of Melbourne

A Professions’ Pathway: Nursing at St Vincent’s since 1893 [ASP 2006] is a history written by experienced professional historians … [It] is an engaging book, basically written for St Vincent’s nurses but accessible to all interested in nursing or medical history. Dr Judith Godden, University of Sydney

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