‘YES’ to the Voice to Parliament

The 2023 referendum is history in the making and a rare opportunity for Australian people to vote yes to recognise First Peoples by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Constitution.

We consider it highly appropriate that an advisory body, known as ‘The Voice to Parliament’ comprised of First Nations people be formed and consulted in relation to all affairs pertinent to Indigenous Australians.

We believe this should be enshrined in the Australian constitution.

We view with hope and optimism the idea that historians and members of the Australian community will one day, through reforms such as the Voice to Parliament, listen, hear and tell the truths of both colonial and post-colonial Australian history, particularly the extraordinary suffering, disenfranchisement, and systemic racist policies enacted against the First Peoples of this land.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart invites all Australians to undertake the journey of reformation and is a heartfelt appeal for reconciliation.

Voting ‘yes’ [on 14 October 2023] is personally endorsed by the partners of Living Histories – Jill Barnard, Sonia Jennings, Mary Sheehan and Dr Karen Twigg.



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